Sweet C's 8th Street Dreams / by Chris Pollock

While restoration is underway at the 8th Street Church, we are sharing the dreams God has given us for the 8th Street building and our new neighborhood. Sweet C first shared his 8th Street Dreams with us in song during our service on September 17, 2017. He said that Pastors Chris & Michaele and The Wallflowers provided inspiration for this song

Dreaming of 8th street

By Curtis "Sweet-C" McClain

Pastor shared what was on their mind
What was on their mind
Made the congregation shine
We've been looking for a church
Now we've found one in the search
God answers prayers and it's true
So Lord I thank you

This place is temporary
While we're here we're visionaries
Seeing rows of chairs in the sanctuary
Welcoming believers and the ordinary

So Now I am dreaming of 8th
Where feet walk, hands greet
Voices speak God's never beat
Where choirs sing as praise bands
Play drums and guitar strings
Preparing hearts for what the message brings
holding out hands, blessing us
For the week
that's my dream 8th street

Pastor said time for communion
While people came there was a reunion
Some formed groups of parish
to meet and to cherish
Everyone has a story
So to God be the glory

Every one in this place it seems
Has a 8th street dream

It takes work (& money) to make our dreams come true. Will you join us? You can give online through our parent church, Bethany First Church of the Nazarene; make sure to mark your gift for "Midtown- 8th Street Project." You can also send cash or check to PO Box 76266, Oklahoma City, OK 73147. Contact Pastor Chris Pollock at chrispollockokc@gmail.com if you have questions about giving.